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What Is Considered Perjury Under Maryland Law?

To the surprise of no one, Maryland criminal law makes it a crime to knowingly and falsely make an affirmation of material fact under oath, or in affidavit authorized by law. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

What Is Considered Perjury Under Maryland Law?

This is not a strict liability crime, and involves far more than simply being ‘wrong’. The falsity must be given knowingly, and not be the product of surprise or confusion. Moreover, the misrepresentation must relate to a material subject [‘capable of influencing the outcome of the proceedings’. MPJI-Cr 4:26]. A misstatement of fact or opinion of a peripheral, ancillary tangential, or auxiliary mater is not perjury. or If one makes two contradictory statements, the State only needs to prove “that one of the statements is willfully false without specifying which one”. The crime is a misdemeanor, carrying up to 10 years. Subornation of perjury, i.e. procuring another  to commit perjury carries the same penalty.


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