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Where Is My Trial? What Time Is My Trial Starting?

Where Is My Trial? What Time Is My Trial Starting

I Attorney Eric T. Kirk often get last minute calls from personal injury clients who’ve misplaced the court notices I’ve sent to them. It’s understandable. As an accident and injury attorney practicing in Maryland, I routinely appear in the courts of this state for trial. An unfortunate injury victim, who may very well have no prior experience with the court system, has no reason to know where those courts are located. There is a wealth of information available to the general public about the court system generally, as well as about specific cases active within the system.


This service “provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary”, including court dates, times, locations, and docket entries. A useful instruction and FAQ page for this service appears here:

The second type of last-minute call, usually coming during the winter months, involves whether or not a previously scheduled personal injury trial will be held due to potential inclement weather. A useful page regarding these issues can be found here.