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Who Controls A Personal Injury Case: The Client or The Lawyer?

You always have control of your case.

The Articles, Analysis and Commentary section, in its entirety, explores the various considerations that have an impact on the amount of your ultimate recovery for accidental injury. Most individuals hire a lawyer because they lack the time required to familiarize themselves with the rules of court and discovery and evidence etc.

If you’ve hired an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer, that you trust, for your case, it stands to reason that you would give a fair deal of respect to that attorney’s opinion as to the value of your claim.

Who Controls A Personal Injury Case: The Client or The Lawyer?

Otherwise, why hire a lawyer? It doesn’t make sense to expend the effort to research the credentials of an attorney, interview that attorney to seek if they can help you, hire that attorney, and then ignore the counsel they give you. The ultimate decision, though, on the amount to settle for, to settle at all, or to try the case all rest solely with the client- after listening to the advice and experienced judgment of their lawyer. I Attorney Eric T. Kirk always listen to everything my clients tell me about their claim, and give them the benefit of the doubt in every reasonable situation.

I always in turn give my client my honest opinions, supported by the weight of thousands of cases handled over decades. If you’d like to arrange a time to discuss your case, please contact me today to arrange a time. 410 591 2835.