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Will I Get Compensation for the Accident if There is No Insurance?

Will I Get Compensation for the Accident if There is No Insurance?

Can I collect? Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore know that an extraordinarily important factor, and often the singular factor, in assessing the value of a case is the existence of insurance coverage for the loss. Ask financial advisors and experts, Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you. Most folks in this country don’t have money hidden around the house. A relatively small percentage of people have decent incomes. That does not mean they have any assets. They may live in nice houses and drive nice cars, but that doesn’t mean they have a positive net worth.

Some of the most well-known Baltimore personal injury lawyers have had the pyrrhic experience of securing a huge verdict but finding no assets or insurance coverage from which to collect that verdict.

Fortunately, there is mandatory insurance for car and motor vehicle accidents in Maryland. Unfortunately, the minimum mandatory amount is not much at all [30k]. If there is not enough car insurance to cover the damages, one may look to the uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Moreover, there is no requirement that property owners have liability coverage. Moreover, most insurance policies do no provide coverage for intentional acts like civil assaults. Many lawyers refuse to handle cases that arise from these situations, as collection from an uninsured party can be difficult, time-consuming, and ultimately, frustrating.

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