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If I Miss Work As A Result Of A Maryland Car Accident, Can My Lost Wages Be Recovered?

Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

You are entitled to be compensated for your lost wages.


You can absolutely recover lost wages as the result of a Maryland motor vehicle accident. Maryland law recognizes two varieties or strains of damage, non-economic on the one hand, economic on the other. Lost wages would be an example of economic damages, something that you can pull out a calculator and easily add up what the amounts are. Now, a pure or a straight lost wage claim is where a doctor gives you a disability slip and says, “You can’t work for this week or this month.” There’s also another type of lost wage claim called a loss of earning capacity claim. Imagine a situation where someone is, after they recuperate, able to go back to work, but not in the same position, one where they’re making less money. The law also allows you to recover that difference between what you were making before the accident and what you’re able to make after the accident.

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