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          Past results cannot predict future outcomes. Each case is different, and a variety of factors explored on this web page are used to arrive at a fair case value. While I cannot and do not guarantee that future clients will have the same or similar results as past clients, I have included some comments made by some recent clients of mine. I'd be happy to personally discuss your unique circumstances with you.



"He is now my lawyer for life, I would recommend him to any and everyone."

"I couldn’t of asked for a better lawyer, Mr. Eric Kirk was OUTSTANDING. When I needed advice he answered quickly, when I was frustrated he understood and he help me figure things out. Not only is he a great lawyer but he’s also a great man & his vibe is amazing. He cares about his clients and he goes above & beyond to help them out. He settled my accident case in a short 3 months, and he got me a great amount. More than I expected. He is now my lawyer for life, I would recommend him to any and everyone. I appreciate doing business with you Eric."

-R.S. Baltimore, MD.

"...I would highly recommend attorney Eric Kirk"

"I utilized Eric Kirk's law firm for my auto accident.  He was very pleasant, informative, communicative and efficient throughout the process.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the case.  I have received the therapy services that I need and I've replaced the car that was totaled with a brand new one.  I would highly recommend attorney Eric Kirk for any serious traffic or automobile accident matter!"

-A.A. Baltimore, MD.

"working with me side-by side"

Thank you Eric Kirk for your superb handling of my Worker's Compensation Case. You were very thorough and took the time to understand me and what I was experiencing, working with me side-by side.

You were recommended to me by a satisfied prior client and I would recommend you 100%.

Thanks again for a job well done.

-K.G. Baltimore, MD.

"If the insurance company is playing games with your money Eric is the guy to call."

"I'm so grateful Eric that took case. I must say that I had to have been his most complicated client as far as consistency. Eric very patient, genuine and dependable. He definitely won both of my cases for me. If the insurance company is playing games with your money Eric is the guy to call."

-V.L. Baltimore, MD.

 "I will be recommending him to all my friends."

"Mr. Kirk was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. This was my first major accident and his professionalism shone through at every turn. All accidents present the victims with unexpected difficulties, his advice and understanding made the process much more bearable. I will be recommending him to all my friends."

-V.P. Baltimore, MD.

"He's an awesome attorney highly recommended"

-M.C. Baltimore, MD.

"highly recommend"

"consistent communication with updates easily accessible knowledgeable about case and procedures highly recommend." 

-D.A. Mt. Airy, MD.

"I would highly recommend his services to anyone."

"I had a simple rear-end case that somehow spiraled into something greater due to issues outside of Eric's control. However, he consistently stuck with it and kept me updated on all of the goings ons. It ended up taking longer than either of us probably expected but he was persistent and patient and communicative and the eventual outcome was even better than my initial expectations. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."

-J.G. Cheverly, MD.

"you really have no idea how grateful I am for you and all you have done for my family during these rough times"

-T. P-T. Baltimore, MD.

"...great job on my case"

"Mr Kirk did a great job on my case, he was very knowledgeable and did his best."

-J.J. Baltimore, MD.

"DEFINITELY recommend Eric T. Kirk"

"Stayed in contact with me through the process and got it done swiftly as possible I DEFINITELY recommend Eric T. Kirk, Attorney he even has good reputation with check cashing spot they seen the name and had no problems !"

-T.H. Baltimore, MD.

"I highly recommend him".

"Mr. Kirk was very responsive, efficient and knowledgeable at onset.  Mr. Kirk kept me abreast of every movement during my cases tenure and gave what I thought was great advice throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend him to anyone needing honest, effective and immediate legal services."

R.S. Baltimore, MD.

"Great lawyer"

"Great lawyer I would take him anyway in court first off the man came n did a home visit got to know what happened and assured that it would be fine . Then he helped get me threw therapy it went well with some good treatments I then received help with answering a few question for the courtroom never had to say a word in court easy win the insurance company tapped out to 8200$ and I received it n a week or so ..... overall great lawyer only thing the process took over a year to end but hey good win for me and Eric GREATJOB!!!!"

-J.C. Baltimore, MD.

"...Mr. Kirk is an outstanding and very confident attorney"

"I live in Colorado. While visiting Maryland I was rear ended and the other driver simply ignored our attempts to get any information from their insurance. We also had a hard time finding an attorney in MD who would take the case. We did find an attorney and they almost let the case expire. I was injured and needed real help. The insurance company was also disrespectful and rude when I tried to settle with them. Finally Mr. Eric Kirk took the case, days before it expired. He started the representation and finally got us a settlement. Mr. Kirk is an outstanding and very confident attorney and really cared about me and my family. He is a person of integrity and honor. We appreciate his work ethic and his care.
Thank You Eric!"

- G.A.N.C. Colorado.

"...... the best at what he does" 

"If you want a great lawyer who would fight for you . I will highly recommend you to Mr Kirk. Mr Kirk was a god sent after I was in an accident and was very frustrated with the first firm I hired . They wasn't very involved in getting my car fixed or even in my case . I was hurt and frustrated with no help . Not long after I found Mr Kirk and My car was headed to the shop 2 days after during this painful and stressful time Mr Kirk was there for mental support and making sure things go smoothly with my case . He answers his own phone every time!!! Although my case took some time , I will always put my trust in Mr Kirk in the future. In the end you would not regret obtaining Mr Kirk as your lawyer in whatever legal issues you may be facing. He knows the law inside out and he is the best at what he does !!!!"

- K.J. Baltimore. 

"If you use any other Baltimore lawyer I personally think it's a huge mistake." 

"Eric handled my case perfectly. If it wasn't for him I could have been out major money but he handled it perfectly and for a fair price. If any lawyer has integrity it's this one! If you use any other Baltimore lawyer I personally think it's a huge mistake. Thanks Eric!"

- A.M., Missouri.

"fought hard to get me the best"

"I would like to say that Mr. Kirk was very helpful and up front with me from the beginning, and fought hard to get me the best settlement possible and I will recommend you to anyone....."

- R.B. Baltimore.

"Mr Kirk kept at it worked his magic" 

"Mr Kirk is a very good lawyer always answers text messages. Was very good during the course of my case I was ready to give up when i found out I was getting so little back an Mr Kirk kept at it worked his magic I would recommend him to anyone. Would love to meet him again of course not by an accident.

- D.A. Philadelphia.

"...would recommend him to everyone"

"I am very pleased with my experience for a short few months. Mr. Kirk was very transparent throughout the entire process and handled my case very diligently. He kept me in the loop and was able to get my case settled before I left the state. I am very delighted and would recommend him to everyone who experienced an auto accident."

- E.T. Baltimore.

"an awesome lawyer"

"If you need a great lawyer please contact Mr. Eric he treated me like family from the very beginning and is an awesome lawyer ....He helps you so much and explains everything to where you understand."

-B.B. Baltimore, MD.

"Thank you for your great service".

-M.I. Baltimore, MD.

"...a fantastic lawyer"

"Mr. Kirk is a very strong and competent lawyer. He was attentive, responsive, and professional at all times. I had no concerns the entire time he was handling my case, even when it took an unexpected turn. I have and will continue to refer his services to others. Mr Kirk is a fantastic lawyer, and if I ever need an accident attorney in the future (hopefully not), I will definitely contact him again."

-L.H. Baltimore, MD.

".....Very aggressive"

"Very aggressive and determined well done job from Mr Eric Kirk"

-Z.S. Baltimore, MD.

"I am happy with service I receive from Attorney Eric Kirk . Really appreciate you fighting for me . Thanks".

-W.W Baltimore, MD.

"I would 100% recommend Mr.Kirk to anyone in need of a lawyer hands down" 

"About a year ago, I contacted Attorney Eric T Kirk and he successfully helped me get through my case when I had got injured in a car accident on the better side. He was so willing to help that he made time to personally come to my house when I was injured which was a plus. Also during that time attorney Eric Kirk sat me down and told me how everything was going to happen. At the end of my case, I was very satisfied with the settlement I’ve received and felt as though it was handled and a far amount of time with the professionalism of him and his staff. Amazingly I would 100% recommend Mr.Kirk to Anyone in need of a lawyer hands down by 100% wanted to thanks you again for your amazing services."

-R.D. Baltimore, MD.

"honest and professional"

"From the outset Mr. Kirk came across as honest and professional. He ensured that I had realistic expectations of how the matter would evolve and kept me informed of all updates."

-Confidential, MD.

"I would highly recommend him to anyone."

"I cannot say enough about Eric. Hands down one of the best lawyers. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I had a complex personal injury suit that he handles very quickly and efficiently. Throughout the entire process he took his time to explain everything to me and was very receptive when I called."

-A.S. Baltimore, MD.

"...very patient in explaining things that were unclear and helped me navigate through the various steps."

"Eric help me through a very stressful time after my car accident.Eric was very patient in explaining things that were unclear and helped me navigate through the various steps of the insurance claim.  Not having to deal with the insurance company helped me concentrate on getting physically and emotionally better."

-T.T. Baltimore, MD. 

 "Already shared his info with a friend."

"Attorney Kirk was very professional, very helpful and very thorough. Already shared his info with a friend. Thanks for your service."

-N.B. Baltimore, MD. 

"I will definitely use him as my attorney again."

Great service very supportive and he won my case Thank you I will definitely use him as my attorney again.

-S.L. Baltimore, MD. 

" I would recommend him wholeheartedly."

"Mr. Kirk was thorough in his explanations and prompt in returning our calls. He was understanding of our situation and worked to give us the best possible outcome for our situation. I would recommend him wholeheartedly."

-G.T. Pennsylvania

"I would recommend him to anyone"

"Eric was nothing less than amazing!! I was in a car accident and stressed out cause the party at fault changed their story. Eric took the load and burden off of me and handled everything without me having to be involved. Kept me in loop of everything going on, was always available if I needed to speak with him, and got results. He was polite, caring, and just an overall amazing lawyer!! I would recommend him to anyone and know that they are in great hands:)"

-R.B. Maryland.

"Gave me the best representation!!"

-D.S. Baltimore, MD

"I will recommend him to anybody"

"Mr Kirk was really great by this being my first accident and I really didn’t no the ends and outs of suing somebody he definitely helped me out alot I will recommend him to anybody Quick and fast process!!"

-R.A. Baltimore, MD

"I truly recommend Mr. Kirk to anyone looking for a personally injury lawyer. He is by far the best lawyer in Baltimore"

Mr. Kirk went above and beyond to help my daughter and myself to get the settlement we deserved after being in an accident on MTA Mobility. We had spent several long hours in the emergency room finally being discharged in the early morning. I called Mr. Kirk first thing in the morning and he came to my home to start the process so that I would not have to travel to his office with my injured daughter. Mr. Kirk worked really hard and fast to settle our claim. Mr. Kirk always showed us kindness and compassion . I truly recommend Mr. Kirk to anyone looking for a personally injury lawyer. He is by far the best lawyer in Baltimore, Md. Mr. Kirk Thank you for taking such good care us.

-T.W. Baltimore, MD. 

"....gave me the peace of mind and professionalism I was looking for."

I learned about Eric Kirk from another of his clients, and I was pleased with his services as my attorney. Sometimes all you want is a peace of mind that everything will be handled appropriately, and gave me the peace of mind and professionalism I was looking for. I would recommend using his services.

-D.M. Baltimore, MD. 

"excellent legal service"

"I had a car accident in December 2016 and contacted Mr. Kirk and hired him a few weeks after the accident. He did everything as he said he would when we had our first conversation. He was very kind with his time. He listened to many of questions and concerns with patients and answered them in detail. He went through many of the paper works I provided him (hospital bills, insurance bills and short term disability and more) and contacted everyone that needed to be contacted. He just closed my case smoothly. Thank you Mr. Kirk! I appreciate everything you have done for me in providing me an excellent legal service."

-M.A. Baltimore, MD

"We received the maximum settlement. Eric was and is a blessing".

"My family and I were visiting Maryland and we were rear-ended by a careless driver. The insurance company was very difficult and ignored my attempts for resolution for years. Finally very close to the end of the time limit we tried to communicate with the head quarters of the insurance company and were treated very rudely. We tried several law firms in Maryland and every one was afraid to take the case so close to the limit. Finally we found Eric! He was respectful, professional, and moved quickly and got the case resolved and we received the maximum settlement. Eric was and is a blessing and a very good conscientious attorney and person. I would highly recommend Mr. Eric Kirk to anyone. He cares, understands, and knows "how to" and "what to" do. Thank You Eric GOD Bless always!"

- Gregory, CO

"...genuinely wants to help people"

"Spoke with Eric regarding a landlord tenant case and I really appreciate the advice he gave me. Will definitely keep him in mind for future lawsuits. I can tell he’s not a money hungry lawyer and genuinely wants to help people." 

-H.F. Baltimore, MD

"Absolutely a 5 stars"

"I highly recommend attorney Eric Kirk, very professional, if I ever had any question he would get back to me shortly, he explains everything with details, Absolutely a 5 stars for his profession, thanks a lot Mr Kirk for everything so happy to be represented by you."

-A.J. Rockville, MD.

"I would recommend speaking with Eric Kirk."

"I have to rate Eric Kirk as very well versed in personal injury laws of Maryland. He is very professional and guided me through my case. Eric understands both the law and how it relates to the clients needs. He kept me informed through the process. He was able to settle my case in a timely manor with a very fair settlement. If you are in need of a personal injury attorney, I would recommend speaking with Eric Kirk."

-D.M. Michigan.

"A heck of an attorney. He did outstanding by me".

-A.S. Linthicum, MD.

"...knowledgeable and thorough"

"Mr. Kirk is a very knowledgeable and thorough attorney. As my attorney, Mr. Kirk always had my best interest throughout the case proceedings".

-D.J. Baltimore, MD.

"I would definitely use his office again."

"Mr. Kirk handled my accident case and made everything easy and convenient for me. I truly hope I am never involved in another accident, but if I am I would definitely use his office again."

-S.B. Baltimore, MD.

"Would highly recommend attorney Kirk"

“Attorney Kirk is always available for questions and was thorough in reviewing the facts of out case resulting in receiving a monetary award. Mr. Kirk is conscientious and prompt in his duties. Would highly recommend attorney Kirk to hand any case from the basic to the most complex.”

-D.A. Mt. Airy, MD. 

"My sincerest thanks."

-A.E. Baltimore, MD.

".....a great attorney"

"Mr. Kirk kept me informed and also fought effectively against the insurance company. I will definitely refer all of my friends and seek his counsel again if needed. Very professional. I think you are a great attorney, and I appreciate your representation. I like the fact that I only talk to you and not a receptionist or recorder."  

-P.W. Baltimore, MD. 

"...will continue doing business with you"

I would like to take the time to thank you for your service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Mr. Brown & will continue doing business with you. Very comfortable, respectful, as well as professional. Once again thanks so much. 

-K.J. Baltimore, MD. 

"Thanks for all you did.  ....... I am ready and willing to refer you to who ever needs your services". 

-B.R. Baltimore, MD. 

 "I would recommend"

"Eric is awesome. He worked fast on my case and I also love his great communication. Never had a problem with slow responding. I would recommend."

-T.F. Baltimore, MD.

"Peace of Mind"

" gave me peace of mind, knowing this was being handled by you". 

S.T. Baltimore, MD.

Mr. Kirk was very knowledgeable..... He held up to his reduced rate as advertised. He was also very easy to get a hold of and answered any questions I had.

-L.D. Baltimore, MD. 

"I would definitely recommend him."

"...was very prompt and very professional with everything. He kept me up to date about every decision and had great insights into how to win my case. I would definitely recommend him"

-B.M. San Francisco, CA

"Excellent communication. Very easy to work with."

-A.R. Baltimore, MD. 

"I rate The Kirk Law Firm (5) stars." 

"Eric handled my expungement situation swiftly and effectively.  He took care of all my paperwork and communicated with me through out the entire process. He explained the entire procedure and the amount of time that it takes the courthouse to process the documents. My record was expunged in the time period that Eric told that it would take.  His fee was very reasonable unlike other law firms. I recommend The Kirk Law Firm to anyone that needs expungement services."

-C.B Baltimore, MD.

 "I would recommend Eric’s firm to anyone in need of an awesome attorney."

"Eric Kirk was a great attorney to me. He settled my personal injury case in about 5 short months, and handled my complicated situation with professionalism and a great attitude. Eric handled everything with the insurance companies, and I didn’t have to lift a finger. I am so grateful for the work Eric put in, and it won us my case! I would recommend Eric’s firm to anyone in need of an awesome attorney. Thank you Eric!"

-C.D. Baltimore. MD

"....if I need to use him again I will."

"I picked this attorney on a humble no referral and he proved himself well. He was patient, excellent communication skills and excellent bedside manners. He got me s large settlement so I recommend him and if I need to use him again I will."

-L.D. Baltimore, MD.

"...if you want a good attorney hire Eric T Kirk"

"Eric T Kirk is one of the best law firms I been to. He made sure everything got done and in a fashionable time. He always made sure i was doing good on the day to day bases. Also kept me updated if you want a good attorney hire Eric T Kirk. You wont regret it. This coming from an 19 yr old".

-K.M. Baltimore, MD.

"I didn't have to worry about a thing."

"I highly recommend Eric Kirk. He is an attorney with excellent detailed oriented skill, ethics, integrity , patience, and understanding. I didn't have to worry about a thing. He got the job done. I was pleased with my outcome."

-S.P. Baltimore, MD

"a professional lawyer"

"A very knowledgeable person. He solved my problem when another lawyer had said no to me". 

-M.T. Baltimore. MD

"He got me the money I deserved."

"Having the right attorney makes all the difference in world. I was very unhappy with my initial attorney. They told me that my settlement I received was all I could get. I did not give up. I found Eric Kirk and he gave he me hope. Very Professional and accessible. Dealing with Eric Kirk was magnificent. He returned calls promptly and kept me posted about my case. He got me the money I deserved. If you are looking for the right attorney call Eric Kirk. You will be satisfied. Thank you for your representation  Mr. Kirk. God Bless...

-A.S. New Mexico. 

"Great handling legal cases." 

-K.R. Baltimore, MD.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Did I remember to say thank you?"

-H.B.J Baltimore, MD.

“…definitely recommend him and the firm to anyone”

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my case Mr. Eric Kirk took me thu all the steps and answered all my questions or concerns I may hv had , I would definitely recommend him and the firm to anyone I know who may need legal advice or assistance....Just wanna say thank you once again”.

-J.A. Baltimore, MD

"He did what he told me he could do."

"I had an issue with having items that needed to be expunge from my record! These were items that by law could be expunged. I tried several attorneys to have them expunged and they said it couldn't be done. After seeking vigorously I found a lawyer that knew the law in Expungement type services at The Kirk Law Firm! I talked straight with Mr. Eric Kirk and he told me what he could do and the fee was very fair. He did what he told me he could do. If you need help with expungement type services The Kirk Law Firm is the way to go!"

-J.H. Baltimore, MD

"thank you for making my life easier when I need it most"

“Hi Mr Kirk. I hope all is well with you I want to thank you for making my life  easier when I need it most … you was kind and always on top of everything. I thank you for everything and I will tell one I know about you and firm…. you are the best yours truly.”

-J.G. Yonkers, NY.

" of the best lawyers out there"

"I would have to say Mr. Kirk is one of the best lawyers out there ! I would not have made it through this process of it wasn't for his outstanding work ! Thanks a lot."

-K.W. Columbia, MD

"Did a great job on my case."

"Mr. Kirk was very reliable and had no problem answering any questions that i had. He always got back to me in a reasonable amount of time and did a great job on my case."

-S.E. Eastern Shore, MD. 

"A trusted advisor"

"Mr. Kirk was very responsive in handling my case and making sure that I received correct representation. He was aggressive with the employer and made sure that I received the compensation and care due my injury. All of my questions were answered and more than that Mr. Kirk has become a trusted advisor for my family and I. "

-K.O. Baltimore, MD. 

"...bends over backwards to do and get what's best for his clients"

“If you want an attorney who really cares about what's best for you, then this is your guy. Attorney Kirk bends over backwards to do and get what's best for his clients even at his own sacrifice.  He truly listens to the input of his clients. I would definitely recommend and use him again.” 

-J.T. Baltimore, MD. 

"....a awesome lawyer that fought hard"

"Mr. Kirk was a awesome lawyer that fought hard for not only the most negotiable settlement, But also took the time to keep me informed with the case process"

-M.A. Baltimore, MD.

"Thank you Eric for making things seem so easy in a tough situation. You are a great lawyer and a great person. Wish you the best in the future and keep doing the great work you have done for others to come. Thanks a $Million$."

-M.R. Parkville, MD. 

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