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Am I entitled to medical treatment if I’m hurt at work?

When hurt at work, one is entitled to, at a minimum, wage loss and medical are. Certainly that includes evaluation, and treatment if necessary by a medical professional. injured workers are entitled to receive surgical, and other such care an attendance as required by the process of recuperation and the nature of their injury,

Services like nursing, hospitalization, medicines and prosthetics are provided under appropriate circumstances.

Am I entitled to medical treatment if I'm hurt at work?

An employer, or their insurer, under the rubric of medical care and attendance, may be obligated to provide ancillary services such as transportation and modifications to a severely injured worker’s residence for access to necessaries [but not simply to improve the quality of their lives], As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you. R&T Construction v. Judge, 594 A.2d 99. It comes as little surprise to those involved in workers’ compensation litigation that insurance companies frequently aggressively deny, delay and defend requests for these ancillary benefits by injured workers. I believe that all injured workers must at least speak to an attorney to fully gauge the benefits to which they are entitled.

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