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Am I Responsible if my Child Causes a Car Accident?

Am I responsible for my child’s negligence? Generally, personal injury lawyers in Baltimore will tell their clients the answer is “no”, which makes any parent whose child is about to get their driver’s license, exhale, forcefully, with relief. This is not the rule in all jurisdictions, I Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

There are important exceptions to this general rule.

Am I Responsible if my Child Causes a Car Accident?

Parents may be responsible for damages caused by their children if the “encouraged” or “approved in advance” the conduct that led to the injury. But this scenario requires some active involvement by the parent. Most parents are concerned, legitimately, of their liability for their child’s carelessness. Parents may be held accountable if the negligently entrust a vehicle to their child. This concept deals no so much with the child’s carelessness, but, the carelessness of the parent in putting them behind the wheel, when, objectively, they should not have. These are not typical situations but are nevertheless arguments that can be raised under appropriate circumstances. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, the first then I recommend is seeing a physician to determine the state of your health.

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