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What is a Civil Assault?

A high percentage of all civil lawsuits filed in Baltimore involved allegations of negligence, i.e. a victim sustained an injury because another failed to use the proper degree of care. What if a person sustains an injury due to the intentional conduct of another? As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Baltimore are familiar with the legal theories that permit a victim to recover money damages in these situations.

A civil assault is a threat, made through words or conduct, to hurt another. The person making the threat must appear to have the ability to carry it out, and the recipient must actually fear some kind of imminent harm.

What is a Civil Assault?

There is no need that contact actually occur. This is an action that must be brought quickly, as the statute of limitations on a civil assault is but one year. Many lawyers do not handle civil assault cases, as there is typically no insurance that will cover losses caused by intentional conduct. I have handled civil assault cases for my clients. I am not aware of any commercially available insurance that covers someone for their own intentional -indeed criminal- misconduct.  Collecting a money judgment from an uninsured person can be a lengthy, arduous, frustrating, thankless, and ultimately unsuccessful proposition.

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