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Burglary With a Destructive Device.

The aggressive criminal defense lawyer Attorney Eric T. Kirk in Baltimore may well be aware that the law defines a destructive device as a:

Burglary With a Destructive Device.

  • bomb
  • grenade
  • mine
  • missile, or
  • any device that has the “destructive characteristics of military ordinance.”

Obviously, these are potentially lethal munitions. Handling such objects, alone, requires some level of training. But the danger with which the law is concerned here is not to the handler using such devices in a crime, but rather to society in general, and that created for potential occupants of the targeted structure. The risk of serious bodily harm is reflected in the potential sentences. One convicted  of committing a burglary using such an item risks a 20 year consecutive sentence, in addition to the sentence for the burglary. The sentences are not concurrent.

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