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Can Hiring the Right Lawyer Win My Case?

Perhaps another way to ask this question is: “Can hiring the wrong lawyer lose my case”? Obviously, your lawyer has a great deal to do with your case, the amount of your recovery, and your success at trial.

Nationally, plaintiffs win their cases a little over ½ of the time.

Can Hiring the Right Lawyer Win My Case?

These statistics reflect that plaintiffs win their cases 60% for the overall period 1992 to 2005, but just barely over ½ of the time in 2005 [53%, the last year national statistics are available]. Some studies suggest that the rate of success in Maryland is higher than the national average, but you can be assured that not every Plaintiff who has filed a lawsuit has prevailed in their claim. Far from it.

Baltimore personal injury law is not a television show. You are unlikely to come across that Baltimore personal injury lawyer who “has never lost a case”.

If you are told that, you’d be wise to do some corroborating research. A track record of negotiating favorable settlements is one area to look into. But the number of cases tried is perhaps an equally revealing area of inquiry. You should ask the lawyer you are interviewing for a job the number of trials he or she has had in the last year. Insurance companies keep detailed records of lawyers that try cases, and those that do not. Hiring the right lawyer for your case can operate to tip the scales in your favor. I Attorney Eric T. Kirk been practicing law for two decades. I’ve handled thousands of cases.

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