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Defrauding the State. What is Welfare Fraud?

Most experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyers Attorney Eric T. Kirk, have, at one time or another, handled a case or two where is was alleged their client engaged in some type of ‘welfare or Medicaid fraud’. Fraud is described, generally, as:

Defrauding the State. What is Welfare Fraud?

  • a material misrepresentation of fact
  • intentionally  of recklessly made
  • with the intent to mislead the recipient
  • detrimental reliance by the recipient
  • damages

It likely comes as no surprise that it is illegal to misappropriate state sponsored medical care, or to offer a bride or kickback in connection with state sponsored medical services. The penalties for Medicare fraud involving more than $500 can be significant – five years in jail, and a sizeable fine. These can be difficult cases for the state to prove. Receiving a government benefit to which on is entitled is not necessarily a crime.

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