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What is Considered Public Assistance Fraud in Maryland?

It comes as no surprise to most, but, it is in fact illegal to obtain money, food stamps or other assistance by fraud. Fraud can include:

  • a misrepresentation of household size or income levels, or
  • a failure to report changes therein.

What is Considered Public Assistance Fraud in Maryland?

Experienced Baltimore criminal defense attorneys Attorney Eric T. Kirk has seen that fraud in this context can also include impersonation of another.

The penalties here are not insignificant, with a maximum of 3 years in prison.

Making a material misrepresentation in the public assistance application can be punished as perjury.  An individual may also run afoul of any number of federal regulations and statutes by attempting to broker cash for public benefits, e.g. violations under the SNAP program. See, e.g.,

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