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Determining The Value Of A Car Accident Claim: Lost Income.

Of course there are a variety of factors that a seasoned Maryland injury attorney employs in arriving at a fair value range for a case.

A component of any personal injury claim, and often a significant component of a serious claim, is the loss of wages.

A couple of things should become obvious right away. There are lawyers who claim they handle only ‘serious’ personal injury matters. I’ve never really been entirely sure what that means. If you’ve ever been injured by the negligence of another, and I have, I Attorney Eric T. Kirk feel comfortable in saying you’ll agree with me.

If you are injured, it is serious, by definition.

Having said that, there are degrees of injury, disability, and, by extension, degrees of seriousness. I’ve handled thousands of cases over the years, and there is a spectrum of cases ranging from more significant to less significant. All serious, to be sure.

Determining The Value Of A Car Accident Claim: Lost Income.

But it stands to reason that the more significant the injury, the more significant the damages, and the greater the compensation. Lost wages are one measure of compensation for economic loss. Straight lost wages are the amount of money you did not earn because of your injury. If you got hurt, and missed three months of work, your lost wage claim would be the income you missed during those three months. But a lost wage claim can present as a more complex claim. What if you were injured to the extent that you cannot go back to your old job? What if your injury kept you from working for a time in the past, and will again in the future? These notions are generally referred to as future lost wages. Proving a future lost wage case can be detailed, and difficult. If you are missing work, or if you’ve had a career altering injury, you need a seasoned personal injury attorney to prosecute a lost wages claim for you. Call me today to arrange for a free case analysis.

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