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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

I’ve been representing clients for a couple of decades now. As part of my role as counselor, I Attorney Eric T. Kirk offer complimentary consultations and a free analysis to those with legal problems.  I’ve spoken to thousands of people over the years. Not all of those consultations have lead to cases, but many have. The most common question I’m asked, more often than “Do I have a case” or “am I entitled to a recovery” or “who is responsible”, overwhelmingly, is “What is the value of my personal injury case?” On a very basic level, it makes sense. Someone wants to know how much money they can reasonably expect to receive.

While no rational, responsible person ever plans their financial future or spending around a contemplated recovery from a car accident case, everyone nevertheless has bills, expenses and obligations.

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

While reasonable people don’t plan to pay for necessities like food, clothing and shelter from the proceeds of a motor vehicle accident claim, it’s nevertheless a legitimate concern to know how much money you’ll have in you pocket at a given point, and those expenses have to be met. If one considers that many victims of injury have lost work due to their accident, and have had to use funds they would typically use for housing food and clothing to pay medical expenses, the lines tend to blur. The distinctions between solid financial decision making and abject necessity become less clear.

Unfortunately, many people do find themselves, in the wake of an accident, needing their personal injury award to cover basic living expenses.

If you find yourself in that unfortunate circumstance, you need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to get fair compensation for you, and has obtained fair, reasonable and just awards for others. You’ll need a personal injury attorney who will aggressively and thoroughly pursue and prosecute your claim.

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