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Does Where the Accident Happened Determine How Much I Get?

Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore know that it could be the single most important factor in any meritorious case.

“Venue” is where, in Maryland, the action is tried. In a typical motor vehicle or car accident case, this is going to be where the at-fault driver lives or works, and possibly where the car accident occurred.

Does Where the Accident Happened Determine How Much I Get?

Every county in Maryland, has a Circuit Court and a District Court [and larger jurisdictions have multiple locations]. Baltimore City has a Circuit Court and a District Court as well. Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, Typical motor vehicle collision cases are tried in District Court, while more serious injury matters are usually filed in Circuit Court. Where the trial is going to occur plays a role in settlement negotiations with insurance companies. Insurers track trial results. Results from some jurisdictions are typically more favorable for the plaintiff. Other jurisdictions typically favor the defense. In some jurisdictions, the district court results are perceived differently than the circuit court results. I’ve tried cases throughout Maryland. I offer a free case analysis to anyone injured in an accident.

It is not at all uncommon for insurance companies to attempt any measure available to get a case heard in a court where they believe they have an advantage. I have handled thousands of accident claims over the course of 25 years. I extend a complimentary case analysis and opinion about their legal case to those that consult with me. Please call me today to arrange a meeting.