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How Can I Fully Understand The Value Of My Maryland Personal Injury Case?

In the wake of a serious injury causing event, the victim can feel confused, and  perhaps lost. The obstacles are many:

  • a grueling and lengthy period of recuperation and recovery from the injury itself
  • mounting medical expenses, and indeed
  • other household expenses as wages are lost due to miss time at work.

The services of a respected and skilled Maryland personal injury attorney are invaluable at this time. I Attorney Eric T. Kirk have always advised my clients:

The analysis of an experienced attorney will assist you in understanding what your Maryland injury case is worth.

Obviously, a comprehensive understanding of the value of a Maryland personal injury case is vital knowledge for an attorney, who must advise his or her client whether litigation and trial is appropriate, or whether reasonable settlement should be considered. Personal injuries by their very nature are unique. Every individual experiences trauma to their body or to their mind differently. And of course, the consequences are singularly personal. For the injured individual a thorough and realistic understanding of what their personal injury case is worth, is likewise  essential and mandatory.

How Can I Fully Understand The Value Of My Maryland Personal Injury Case

Unrealistic expectations regarding the monetary value of a personal injury claim can have significant ramifications on the results of that case.  The injury victim’s failure to appreciate and comprehend the worth of their case can have meaningful, permanent consequences in a variety of ways.  An injured individual who undervalues their case might be induced to accept a low or unreasonably low settlement offer when they may have done better after trial. On the other hand, an individual who has unrealistically high expectations and dollar values in mind for their case runs the risk of refusing to consider objectively reasonable settlement offers. An injury victim who sets an unrealistically high expectation or makes unrealistically large settlement demands might encounter a defense refusing to negotiate because they perceive unreasonableness, or a lack of good faith. A seasoned personal injury attorney can bring years of experience to bear on translating physical or emotional anguish to dollars and cents.

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