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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth? Are Medical Expenses Taken Into Account?

Medical expenses are one variable in the value of any case. They impact the value in a direct sense. A claims adjuster, judge, or juror, at some point will be presented with those bills. The injured person is entitled to collect the amounts paid, in Maryland, regardless of who paid them. However, just because there is an entitlement under the law to collect the amounts of bills,  certainly does not mean an insurance company adjuster will agree to compensate the injured person for the full amount.

Claims adjusters, and defense attorneys will say the bills are inflated, or that the charges are unreasonable, and that only a portion of the full amount is appropriate.

But the personal injury victim has a claim for the full amount of their medical expenses. A skilled personal injury attorney Attorney Eric T. Kirk can prove instrumental in collecting the full amount of those charges by way of settlement or verdict.

Medical costs may exert an indirect impact on the value of the case that may ultimately be just as important. The injured person is entitled to the full amount of the expenses.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth? Are Medical Expenses Taken Into Account?

But if those expense were paid by [e.g. a health insurer], or owed to a third party, who either paid less than the full amount, or are willing or required to accept less that the full amount, or both, then the difference will end up in the injured person’s pocket. One of the most important things a personal injury attorney can do it thoroughly and carefully investigate and negotiate outstanding bills and liens to maximize recovery.

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