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How Much Does A Lawyer Charge For A Car Accident Case?

Most lawyers handle personal injury cases and car accidents in particular on what is known as a contingency fee basis. Contingent refers to something occurring before a fee is due or owing. In the context of a personal injury claim that contingency that must occur is a financial recovery for the client.

Under such an arrangement the client owes no attorney’s fees unless and until the case is successfully concluded.

Then an agreed-upon percentage is applied to that recovery. If there is no financial recovery, there is nothing for the percentage to apply to, and in any event, the contingency did not occur -so there is no attorney fee due. I handle most personal injury cases, and car accident cases specifically, on a contingency fee basis.

I Attorney Eric T. Kirk also extend a reduced attorney fee program to my Maryland personal injury clients . This program offers a contingency fee percentage is lower than that typically found in the community. This program allows my Maryland personal injury clients to receive a greater percentage of their recovery.

An individual who has been seriously injured in a car accident May find themselves in a financial predicament that make the payment of lawyer fees impossible.

How Much Does A Lawyer Charge For A Car Accident Case?

  • The individual’s injuries might keep that person from working
  • They have medical bills that might not be met by insurance
  • Even if they can, work, their vehicle has been damaged or destroyed in the accident and they might not be able to get to work

​These circumstances make the prospect of handing healthy retainer or hourly fees to an attorney seem like a very daunting proposition. It is in these situations that the contingency fee arrangement truly offers the greatest benefit to the injured person. The lawyer says the risk of working for free if there is no recovery. The lawyer agrees to work on the case on a deferred payment basis and works for free until the case is over.  The client as the peace of mind of employing the lawyer of their choosing to assist them in the case and not be saddled with legal expenses.

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