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How Much Will I get for my Personal Injury Case?

Of course the most important consideration in any personal injury award is the “in your pocket” number. After attorney fees, litigation costs, outstanding medical balances, and everything else has been accounted for: “How much do you get”? There may be a lot of lip service paid to notions like “it’s not really about the money”, but, at the end of the day: As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

…… it’s really about the money.

In many business transaction there is a total number and a net number. A personal injury case is no different. The total number is of course the overall settlement or verdict. Of course you have agreed to pay your lawyer for his or her services, and that must be accounted for, as must any costs that lawyer has advanced for you.

How Much Will I get for my Personal Injury Case?

There may be medical liens on the recovery that must be handled as well. Obviously, a lawyer can help improve the clients bottom line maximizing the recovery. One other way a diligent personal injury lawyer can increase the bottom line is to decrease some other number. One example would be to decrease the amount of his or her fee. I offer my Maryland clients a reduced attorney fee program that has precisely this effect- more money in your pocket. I’ve please visit my homepage for the details of this program.

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