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I Fell On The Sidewalk? Who Can I Sue?

Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, Baltimore personal injury law provides that a local government is responsible for injuries to pedestrians caused by an unsafe condition resulting from negligent design or construction on public streets and sidewalks.

Local government also has a duty to warn about dangerous conditions on public streets and sidewalks that are created by third persons.

I Fell On The Sidewalk? Who Can I Sue?

The local government is charged with knowledge of what should have been discovered by reasonable inspection. Local government also has an obligation to remedy dangerous conditions on private property that could cause harm to pedestrians on public streets and sidewalks. The government will always claim that they had no ‘notice’ of any defect that caused injury. Proving that the government, though its agents and employees know or should have known of the dangerous condition is often a daunting task. Although the legal standard requires a demonstration of what ‘should’ have been discovered through reasonably diligent inspection,  many court rulings deny compensation to injury victims without a showing of ‘actual’ notice [i.e. a demonstration that the municipality had actual knowledge of the defect, yet failed to do anything about it].

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