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I Had A Prior Accident. Is That Going to Ruin My Case, or Can I Recover?

I Had A Prior Accident. Is That Going to Ruin My Case, or Can I Recover?

We’ve discussed in other guides that a prior accident can be a significant variable in assessing the value of Baltimore injury or car accident claim. Prior to the initiation of litigation, it may be possible to keep the details and specifics of a prior accident from the eyes of a claim adjuster. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you. But make no mistake, a diligent claims adjuster will be well aware of your claims history, even if they do not know the specific particulars of prior injuries.

The mere existence of a prior accident will not preclude you from recovering for your injuries.

While, at the negotiation stage, there is no reason to volunteer information to an insurance company, the reality is most major insurance companies will have access to resources that will let them examine, at least, your claims history. After the commencement of litigation, even the most seasoned personal injury and accident lawyers will not be able to keep the defense from learning of the prior accident and exploring the specifics through discovery. And that learning process can be a costly one. The Daily Record has recently reported a Prince George’s County case, where the jury determined that a personal injury Plaintiff had failed to prove his injuries came from an initial accident, where he had another car accident just 9 days later. While the mere happening of a remote injury-causing event does not preclude a financial recovery after an accident, certainly any attempt to conceal it may.

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