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Is Allstate Insurance Company Going to Give Me a Good Settlement Offer?

Allstate makes an staggering amount of money. Here is what Allstate itself says about its profitability.

“Overall, Allstate had net income of $2.1 billion in 2015. Operating income*, which excludes capital gains and losses, was also $2.1 billion”1

Allstate has become a “poster child” for denied claims, delayed and underpaid claims.2 The claims practices behind that revenue have been sharply criticized by personal injury lawyers for years.

Is Allstate Insurance Company Going to Give Me a Good Settlement Offer?

Allstate has a corporate methodology devoted to what have been called “hardball” litigation tactics.3 If you have Allstate on the other side of your personal injury claim, you are, or shortly will be, locked in a seemingly endless battle for fair compensation. Allstate also employs the “in-house” counsel model. Allstate defends in court the cases it denies in the extended and delayed claims process with extraordinary vigor. Allstate’s staff attorneys are some of the most highly regarded, well respected personal injury and accident lawyers in Maryland Attorney Eric T. Kirk. They advance Allstate’s agenda with great energy and skill, with a consistently high level of professionalism.

I routinely handle claims that Allstate has denied. I consider the pursuit of fair compensation for my clients to be of paramount importance. If you consider a just recovery for your personal injury to be of great significance in your life, and Allstate is across the table, then you are in for one of most significant battles of your life to achieve what you seek. I can help you. Call me today to arrange a complimentary evaluation of your claim.



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