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Is It A Separate Crime to Try to Poison Someone?

Trying to poison someone can get you two to ten in the county jail. Reflective criminal defense attorneys in Baltimore wonder what happens if the poisoner succeeds?

Is It A Separate Crime to Try to Poison Someone?

Now, Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, if the poisoner kills his victim, the case is clear- it is a homicide. But what if the poisoner only succeeds in making her seriously victim ill? Should not the actual act of poisoning be judged more seriously than the attempted poisoning of another? Its certainly possible that the successful but non-lethal poisoning of another could be prosecuted as a first-degree assault, which would have a greater maximum sentence. It is seen by some as a quick in the law, though, that there is a specific statute prohibiting an attempt, but no specific statute prohibiting the end result if successful.

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