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I’ve Been Sent to Mediation in Personal Injury Case.

Very possibly the finest trial attorney of this generation has stated: “there are always options”. In the context of a personal injury case, this is no less true. Yes, there are. Although mediation is typically ordered in most Maryalnd serious car accident cases, mediation is a voluntary process [parties can opt out by agreeing not to mediate or that the process would be less than fruitful.] The process occurs with a “mediator” – a neutral third party who works to facilitate an agreement if possible.

Typically retired judges or seasoned Baltimore personal injury lawyers serve as mediators.

I've Been Sent to Mediation in Personal Injury Case.

Arbitration, another option for resolution, is a little more formal. Typically the rules of evidence apply, and the arbitrator does not facilitate agreement, but actually decides the case on the merits, as a judge would. Some contracts call for “binding arbitration”, and, depending on your case, you should consult your injury attorney to examine if there might be economic incentives to arbitrate rather than litigate. I Attorney Eric T. Kirk have litigated thousands of cases over the years. I extend a complimentary case evaluation to all my clients.

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