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Who Testifies at a Trial in a Personal Injury Case?

Who Testifies at a Trial in a Personal Injury Case?

In the typical automobile accident trial, in District Court, the driver[s] and other witnesses [if any], and anyone who is claiming injury testify before the court, sitting without a jury. It is rare, but occasionally a treating physician or therapist testifies live in court. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

It is even rarer still, but sometimes a Plaintiff will have a “damages witness” – a person that can give testimony regarding the nature and extent of the Plaintiff’s injuries based on first-hand observation.  Usually, though, the medical records and bills are submitted without live medical testimony.

In Circuit Court, the stakes in a personal injury case are higher.

Usually, and accordingly, in addition to the above parties and witnesses, a treating doctor or therapist testifies, live, or by video deposition. Sometimes the thorough Baltimore personal injury lawyer employs experts [e.g. a reconstructionist, engineer, law enforcement officer, or the like.] The trial of a personal injury case can be complex. If you are involved in litigation, or are headed that way, and do not have an attorney, you need to consult with one immediately.

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