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Possession of a Burglar’s Tool

Another way to commit fourth-degree burglary is to be caught in the possession of a burglar’s tool in circumstances indicating you intend to use it to commit a burglary. Experienced criminal defense attorneys  Attorney Eric T. Kirk in Baltimore are well aware of the statutory definition of a burglar’s tool. It includes many of the more or less common devices one may think of as facilitating the forceful entry into a building.:

Possession of a Burglar's Tool

  • lockpicks
  • crowbars
  • jacks

That list is not exclusive. A burglar’s tool can be anything that could be used to commit the burglary. Also included in the statutory listing are things such as:

  • explosive material including nitroglycerine, dynamite, or gunpowder; and
  • a device capable of burning through metal, concrete, or other solid material, including an acetylene torch, electric arc, burning bar, thermal lance, or oxygen lance.

Source: Section 6-201 of the Criminal Law Article.

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