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What Do I Do When A Maryland Insurance Company Denies My Personal Injury Case?

When an insurance company in Maryland, refuses to pay an insurance claim, denies the claim, unreasonably delays the claim, or offers a unreasonably and unfairly low amount for settlement the individual involved has only one viable option.

They must retain an experienced personal injury attorney, adept at filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court.

It goes without saying that you want to identify an attorney who can win that case for you. There is a distinction here between a “claim” and a “case”. Many individuals often seek the “status” of their case – long before a lawsuit is filed. It’s more than just semantics. Technically, they are really talking at that point about a claim. The two terms are not, strictly speaking, interchangeable. A claim is information presented to an insurance company in support of a request for monetary compensation related to a loss that is covered by a policy of insurance. Insurance companies deny thousands of claims each and every day. A case on the other hand is a legal demand that is embodied in a formal legal document called a complaint. In the complaint typically money damages for a loss are demanded. This complaint is filed in a court, served on the defendant, and a process culminating in trial is commenced. At trial, the jury will set the appropriate compensation, not an insurance company adjuster. It is only the after the filing of the complaint today legal “case” can be said to have commenced. When an insurance company has refused to pay fair compensation on your claim, your only viable option is to retain a skilled personal injury attorney to turn your claim into a case by commencing litigation on your behalf. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

There are a variety of methods the insurance industry, as a whole, might generally employ to defeat an insurance claim.

  • They may deny the claim outright- taking the position that they’re insured individual is simply  not responsible for a loss.
  • They may delay resolution of the claim for an unacceptable length of time.
  • They may engage in a de facto denial, by offering an amount of money that no reasonable injured individual would accept in exchange for a settlement of the claim and then refuse to alter that position.

In any of the scenarios, and whatever the method, the effect is identical. The injured individual is not being, and has not been, compensated for their injury and their other losses. They have not been made whole. They may have medical bills that they are unable to meet. They may have lost wages that have created other financial hardships for them -and their family. Finally, they are suffering or did suffer the effects of a physical, mental and emotional injury for which they received no compensation. Whatever the specific mechanism or series of events that leads the accident victim to this point, there is only one realistic course of action. That individual must speak in confidence to one or more experienced personal injury attorneys, and hire the one of their choice to pursue their case, and vindicate their rights in a court of law.