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Who Can I Sue for Causing an Accident. Can an Automobile Maker Be Held Liable?

The law requires vehicle makers to use reasonable care in the design, manufacture, testing and inspection of the automobile, and ensure that it is safe for foreseeable uses. If they fail, that is evidence of negligence.

Anyone who has received a recall notice, even for seemingly minor matters, knows that automakers are well aware of their potential liability.

Who Can I Sue for Causing an Accident. Can an Automobile Maker Be Held Liable?

Of course, a claim involving a defective car is more elaborate than a simple negligence claim involving the unsafe operation of a vehicle. Attorney Eric T. Kirk will advise you if you’ve been injured in an auto accident and you believe a defective part or design is to blame, consult a knowledgeable Baltimore personal injury lawyer to fully understand the possibilities. In these instances, the prompt examination, and preservation of evidence is vital. If the involved vehicle is damaged and going to be repaired, or scrapped for parts, a careful and thorough examination is needed before that happens. If you own the suspect vehicle, that might be a relatively straightforward arrangement. However, if the other side contends that a defect led to an accident, making the vehicle available for examination and analysis might be somewhat more of a challenge.

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