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Can I Sue Someone Because Their Bakes Failed or They Failed to Maintain Their Vehicle?

Experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers will tell you the law requires vehicle owners to make sure their automobiles are equipped with the parts and systems required by the Transportation Code, and at all times must be in such condition so as not to put any person in danger. So, as opposed to liability for the unsafe operation of a vehicle

….the improper or unsafe maintenance of a vehicle may provide a basis of liability for an accident as well.

Can I Sue Someone Because Their Bakes Failed or They Failed to Maintain Their Vehicle?

It may well be that inadequate brakes, worn tires or the failure of another vehicular system played a role in the accident that caused your  injuries. As attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you, in these instances, it is vital the prompt action to preserve the physical systems and records relating thereto are preserved and not altered. In the absence of such immediate efforts, proof is often lost. If you believe that a systems failure caused or contributed to your accident, it is vital that you immediately contact a personal injury attorney, so that these preservation of evidence protocols may be implemented.

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