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Worker’s Compensation – What is an Accidental Injury?

The injured worker must have sustained an accidental personal injury for it to be considered compensable under the workers compensation law. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.


adjective: eligible for or subject to compensation, especially for a bodily injury1

One case defines accidental as an unexpected happening from an unknown cause, or an unanticipated result from the normal operation of a known process. A seasoned worker’s compensation attorney has likely seen a case in which the insurance company contests the claim on the theory of an idiopathic condition. [i.e. a disease or condition the cause of which is not known or that arises spontaneously]. The Maryland workers’ compensation process is unfortunately more complex than simply determining if the worker has been injured while at work. The injury, as well as being accidental, must bear some connection with the work, as as to be said arise out of the employment.

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