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Can I Get Restitution as a Victim In a Maryland Criminal Case?

We’ve spent a lot of time in these Articles detailing the conduct that constitutes a crime. As any experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyer will tell you, guilt is only half of the case. The disposition of the case is sometimes more significant than whether or not the person is convicted, or receives some other form of disposition [e.g. PBJ]. Obviously, the sentence matters to the offender. An experienced criminal defense lawyer Attorney Eric T. Kirk can often make a significant difference if the ultimate sentence of the Court. The outcome, of course, matters to the victim as well. Where a person suffers death, personal injury or property damage as a “direct result” of a crime that person is eligible to be awarded restitution from the offender. A crime victim who has suffered out of pocket losses due to crime may well be much more interested in an award of restitution than in whether or not the offender is put on probation or send to jail.

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