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Is The Driver Of The Car That Hit Me Responsible For My Medical Bills And Injuries?

Is The Driver Of The Car That Hit Me Responsible For My Medical Bills And Injuries?

All Maryland drivers are charged with the obligation of using reasonable care for the safety of others when driving. Many Baltimore personal injury lawsuits come about when a driver fails to use that degree of caution and attention that an ordinary person would use under the circumstances. I’m Attorney Eric T. Kirk tells you, the nature of the duty may change depending on the circumstances [e.g. adverse weather conditions]. The driver of a vehicle is not always the same person as the owner. Under Maryland law, the owner is presumptively responsible for the conduct of the driver. A vehicle owner is also responsible for the conduct of his or her agents that use their vehicle in the scope of the agency. Moreover, an owner may be responsible for their own negligence in allowing a reckless, unfit person to drive their car. But in most instances, the target of claim is going to be the driver.

The driver is of course responsible for his or her conduct. If the driver is using the car with the owner’s permission, there will generally be insurance coverage for the accident.

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