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Can I Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

The answer is yes. Lawyers are no different in this respect than any other profession. If you were not happy with the work that an auto mechanic was doing on your car -you would find a different mechanic. If you were not happy with the work your doctor was doing, you would find a new physician. Lawyers are no different. If you are not happy with the services being provided by your lawyer, you absolutely can get a new lawyer. Some lawyers become offended when their clients seek a second opinion.

However, just as someone with a medical problem might seek the opinion of another doctor to get a different point of view, someone with a legal situation might seek the opinion of a different lawyer to get a fresh perspective.

Some might think this a wise choice, but in any event it is certainly permissible. There is an old political adage that you never switch coaches in the middle of a game.

Can I Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

I Attorney Eric T. Kirk suspect there is some wisdom in that point of view. However, if a client becomes dissatisfied with the level of service they are receiving from their lawyer, not only is there no rule prohibiting the changing of lawyers, the client is absolutely free to do so. My standard advice to anyone in this: If you are having difficulty, call your lawyer, arrange a specific time to meet, get your questions answered and differences resolved. While I have never, and would never, encourage anyone to switch lawyers if the steps listed above fail, once that decision change has been made by the client, I would suggest the following steps:

  • advise the terminated lawyer in writing that you no longer wish for that lawyer to represent you.
  • request from the terminated lawyer, in writing a complete copy of all your file materials.
  • request from the lawyer an itemization of all costs expended on your case.

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