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If I Have a Permanent Injury From a Maryland Car Accident, How Can I Protect My Future?

If you have been involved in a serious accident or injury causing event, perhaps the single most consuming question you have it what will happen to you, to your family, down the line. Maryland law provides compensation for future lost earnings, and future medical expenses. However, such compensation is far from automatic and is difficult to demonstrate As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

You Must Protect Your Family By Acting Now to Document and Prove What is Likely to Happen in the Future.

Its a difficult task: to convincingly prove future consequences today. Maryland personal injury claims are not claims that can be modified  “reopened” or revisited at some future point. They are singular events that are determined and resolved, by settlement or verdict- one time only.

If I Have a Permanent Injury From a Maryland Car Accident, How Can I Protect My Future?

All claims that the injured person has against the at-fault parties must be addressed in that resolution, or they will be lost forever. If you wish to recover future lost wages, or future lost earning potential, you must marshal your proof, and present it as part of your claim. You will likely need expert medical, and potentially economic, or vocational opinions to support your claim. If you do not make such claims before the case is settled or tried, or fail to present sufficient proof to prevail on those claims, you cannot bring these claims later.

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Luckily, most people involved in Maryland automobile accidents make a full recovery, and are able to resume their lives fully, or fairly fully. Some unfortunate accident victims do have consequences that last, but are still able to do the things they did before, with some difficulty.

If I Have a Permanent Injury From a Maryland Car Accident, How Can I Protect My Future?

Those most tragic of personal injury cases are those in which the individual does not fully recover, but requires long term care, even years after trial, or cannot return to their prior job. These individuals are required by Maryland personal injury law to act quickly, and document and prove such future losses with certainty, years in advance. Future lost wage or future medical claims can be nuanced and complex. Future medical claims, by definition, require medical evidence in the form of an opinion from a physician. Future economic-based claims may likewise require the opinions of an economist or vocational specialist. Gathering the appropriate evidence and proof, and presenting it at the necessary time is a daunting task.