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Top 10 Reasons For Consulting With A Personal Injury Attorney.

I’ve Attorney Eric T. Kirk always maintained that you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after a car accident involving injury.

Top 10 Reasons For Consulting With A Personal Injury Attorney.

My feelings are that it just makes sense to get a handle on what legal rights and options you have. Moreover, getting a lawyer involved initially allows the attorney to secure and preserve evidence that may later prove crucial. The actual reasons given by accident and injury victims will likely not surprise you. The Insurance Research Council recently published the results of an online survey. “Motivation for Attorney Involvement in Auto Injury Claims” []. There were 505 participants.

  • Nearly ½ [47%] of those polled voiced a dissatisfaction with the way they insurance company for the other driver treated them. Those individuals related that they “wanted to get the highest settlement possible”, were “dissatisfied with delays in settlement” or were “dissatisfied with the amount offered”.
  • One in three respondents stated that someone, presumably a trusted friend or family member suggested that they consult with an attorney.
  • An additional 13% of those responding wanted to verify information given to them by their own insurance company: “my insurer said claim wasn’t covered” or there was a “problem with my collision/rental coverage”.

Interestingly, 16% indicated that their doctor suggested that they speak to a personal injury attorney. 1 out 5 of responded to attorney advertising, or were in fact contacted by an attorney. In most jurisdictions there are prohibitions against in-person solicitation or contact with a prospective client. The study does not differentiate the type of contact initiated by the lawyer. Finally, almost one in ten had found that the driver that hit them lacked insurance. Presumably in the latter situation, the individual found they were unaware of how to proceed in such a situation, as uninsured motorist claims can be complex.

It’s really impossible to argue against getting something for nothing. Good legal advice that is based on years of experience can be highly valuable, and, if you are getting it for free, it may well be invaluable. I extend the offer of a free strategy conference to anyone hurt in a car accident. During these sessions, I will personally discuss the facts of your case with you,  give an analysis of the relative strengths and potential weaknesses, and explore legal principles that may come into play.


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