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What Is A Car Accident Case Worth In Baltimore City, Maryland?

I Attorney Eric T. Kirk typically look at where a motor vehicle accident that causes personal injury occurred in assessing the value of the case. Under the venue rules, the location of an accident- the county, or city for Baltimore City- where it occurred is the likely location for any trial and litigation that results from that accident. There may be other choices. For example, where the defendant in the case lives or carries on a usual business, If in many, perhaps most, cases litigation and an ultimate trial will be held in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. Accordingly, how a judge or a group of prospective jurors view motor vehicle accidents is a fundamentally important consideration in assessing the value of that personal injury case. Experience is the best measure, barometer, or gauge.

What, in the experience of the lawyer handling the injury case, do juries or judges in a given jurisdiction typically return as verdicts in motor vehicle accident claims?


What Is A Car Accident Case Worth In Baltimore City, Maryland?

A lawyer who has not tried cases in the jurisdiction, or who has not undergone the effort to research the outcomes in similar cases, would not be able to bring such experience or results to bear. Determining an appropriate range of value for a car accident case is one of the most important things that an attorney can do. It is only where an intelligent assessment of the worth, or likely range of outcomes if litigated, of a car accident case has been determined that a reasoned assessment of any settlement offers can take place. If an offer of settlement is within that range of value at which an attorney has arrived after a consideration of a variety of factors, then that offer is a reasonable one. If the offer is outside of the range of value, and the projected range of outcomes after trial or greater than the money on the table, then the offer isn’t a reasonable one. That an accident a motor vehicle accident might have occurred in Baltimore City, or Baltimore County, or any of the other jurisdictions in Maryland is but one of many factors that an attorney would consider it is assessing the value of a personal injury case.

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