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What is the Value of An Average Car Accident Case ?

The figures recited here are a little dated at this point. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any recent national study of the breadth and scope of the undertaking relied upon for the statistics herein.  The most recent national study conducted by the Department of Justice tells us that the median award in all tort case was $24,000.00 [just as many awards below that number as above it]. 2 out of 3 plaintiffs recovered $50,000 or less, while 4 out of 100 received a million or more. As Attorney Eric T. Kirk will tell you.

The median national award in a motor vehicle or car accident was $15,000

What is the Value of An Average Car Accident Case ?

4 out of 10 motor vehicle accident victims received less than $10,000. Now, these are national numbers, and the results in local jurisdictions may vary widely. A seasoned Baltimore personal injury lawyer can give you guidance on a reasonable value range for your car accident case. [Statistics from Civil Justice Survey of State Courts, Langton and Cohen, Bureau of Justice Statistics].

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