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What Should I Do If I Am Charged With A Maryland Burglary?

As a Maryland criminal defense attorney, one thing I can say with absolute and unhesitating certainty is that any type a criminal charge- no matter how seemingly trivial or insignificant- is of the upmost gravity. I Attorney Eric T. Kirk have handled thousands of cases over the years, and seen many more. Many people accused of an offense have maintained some version of:

“it wasn’t like that” or

“it wasn’t that big of a deal” or

“there was a misunderstanding.”

One must never take a Maryland criminal charge case, or, perhaps more dangerously, assume that it will go away. Perhaps the accused’s assessment is correct, and there was a misunderstanding, or the circumstances were simply not that grave. However, this is far from the best defense strategy. There are never any guarantees in a criminal case, and the State of Maryland might have, and be able to prove, a much different version of events.

A Maryland criminal conviction is something that can keep you from:

What Should I Do If I Am Charged With A Maryland Burglary?

  • attending the school that you want
  • getting the job that you want
  •  entering the career field that you want, and potentially, even prevent you from
  • living in the place that you want.

The potential consequences are life long- and lasting. If you have been charged with a Maryland criminal offense it is imperative that you be proactive, get out in front of, and to the extent possible, manage the situation. A skilled Maryland criminal defense lawyer can help you with such efforts. I have found far too frequently in Maryland criminal prosecutions that if the defense sits back, and lets events happen, they will indeed happen the way the State wants them to- and there is no way to control them. Because burglary is a defense broken into many different degrees, the specific facts the State alleges are of incredible significance.

The State must prove each of the fact within the degree of burglary charged in order to obtain a conviction. When they cannot, they cannot obtain a conviction.

A skilled, professional Maryland criminal defense attorney will be able to hold the State to its burden of proof. The difference between the potential maximum penalties for burglary in the 4th degree burglary are 1st degree are dramatic. Burglary is a serious crime, that is taken as such by prosecutors and the judges that impose the sentences. One charged with burglary of any degree must take that charge with equal seriousness.