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Different Types of Domestic Abuse

Criminal Defense

There are several types of domestic violence abuse charges so it is a good idea to know the variations of domestic violence so that you may prevent this criminal charge according to The Lynch Law Group. There are so many versions of domestic violence that it may be very easy to commit this offense without knowledge. In the same breath, it is difficult to report domestic violence if you are not aware that you been abused. In the event that you or someone you know has been accused or a victim of domestic abuse and needs a better understanding in order to build a defense this will help.

Domestic violence is typically defined as an occurrence or displayed pattern of physical, emotional, and sometimes sexual actions intended to be controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent. Domestic violence is usually an act caused by a past or present domestic partner, family member or caretaker.

Types of Domestic Violence:

Physical abuse is any form of bodily contact that may cause harm. This includes hitting, pushing, punching, biting, slapping, cutting and several other contacts caused by another party. Basically any form of infliction. Even if this type of violence only leaves a small bruise or scratch, it can still be brought to court.

Emotional abuse is any attack towards the self-esteem of a victim. This is ridicule, name-calling, coming in-between personal relationships with rumors or false claims, or any verbal abuse. This can be more difficult to prove without something like a video, but a qualified lawyer can help you.

Sexual abuse is the coercion into sexual activity although the victim has not consented. Several people are not aware of the term marital rape but this is sexual abuse, also any violation of sexual parts without permission or even making sexual comments that discomfort the victim.

Stalking is a form of harassment that is also domestic abuse, invading the victims’ personal space or home and work, sending messages or gifts when they are not wanted, etc. If someone is following you around and you have repeatedly asked them not to — and have proof you have done so — they you are being stalked.

Economical abuse occurs when a victim has their finances taken advantage of without consent, this includes denying a victim access to funds or taking funds without consent and also not allowing them to make money in some way. This can commonly happen in marriages, and it still considered a form of abuse.

Psychological abuse is when an abuser intimidates the victim, making them feel they cannot go places or associate with certain people out of fear of an abuser.

Domestic violence is not in any way acceptable. There are many ways for you to be a victim or an accuser without knowing and it is important to get this information in the event that you are a victim or abuser. If you or someone you know has been accused of domestic violence, please speak with a skilled criminal lawyer in your area as soon as possible.