Arrested? Charged? Accused?

The U.S. Constitution grants each of us the following basic, fundamental protections against the police and the power of the State:

  • Due process the of law
  • Freedom from unreasonable searches
  • The right to be secure in your person, house, papers, and effects
  • The right to a speedy and public trial
  • The right to confront and cross-examine your accusers
  • The assistance of counsel for your defense

If you stand accused of an offense, nothing is more important than understanding these protections. It's not only a question of exercising and protecting these rights and vindicating their denial. Constitutional violations may make it difficult, or impossible, for the State to obtain a conviction. An experienced attorney may be able to keep the State from using illegally obtained evidence. You need a lawyer who can identify and exploit these weaknesses in the government's case. You need to employ experienced defense counsel to assist in protecting and safeguarding these rights. You need a lawyer who can identify when the State cannot prove its case. If the case can be won, then my role is to take your case to trial, and win your case. If your case cannot be won on the facts or the law, a seasoned attorney is still vitally important to your defense. Cases might be lost on the facts, but won at disposition or sentencing.



Roadside encounters are a common location for interaction with the police. I've found over the years that often these encounters can escalate quickly from relative minors traffic violations to serous weapons and drug/CDS charges. Understanding the rules that govern these situations, and the limitations on the power of police to stop, question, search and seize property is of vital importance.

What Reasons Do The Police Need to Stop My Car?

If The Police Stop Your Car, How Long Can They Keep You There?

Can The Police Search Me, My Car, And The Glove Box, And The Trunk After Pulling Me Over?

Do I Have To Give The Police Permission to Search My Car?

Do The Police Have to Have a Warrant to Search My Car?

Can The Police Order A Passenger To Get Out Of The Car?

If I Am Arrested While Driving, Can the Police Search My Car?

I offer all my potential clients a free legal analysis of the case against them. During this meeting, together, we will evaluate the evidence, assess the strength of the State's case, determine applicable legal and factual defenses, and explore dispositions. 

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